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Aftermarket suspension upgrades can dramatically enhance your car’s looks and cornering ability. Combined with upgraded anti-roll bars, you will see and feel an impressive reduction in body roll which will help you preserve the perfect suspension geometry for maximum grip.

Sport Springs

With sports springs your comfort-oriented driving pleasure is the main focus. The vehicle’s center of gravity is lowered, reducing body roll for better dynamics, whilst maintaining the ride quality and comfort of your car. Meanwhile, the car’s appearance is transformed. The springs lower the sports models (GTI, R, S3 etc) by 20-30 mm in order to get rid of those nasty wheel arch gaps whilst preserving the wheel travel needed for dynamic ride & handling.

Audi Skoda & Volkswagen sports springs

Go lower or stiffer than Racingline’s springs and your car can bounce and crash as the dampers are mismatched to spring-rate, and the springs themselves run out of travel. Racingline’s progressive-rate spring construction means the spring rate in the middle of travel is very similar to standard. It’s only towards the end of the spring’s travel (so, when braking or cornering hard) that Racingline have engineered the spring to stiffen up. It’s this progressive-rate spring design that gives such good ride quality.

Sway Bars

By upgrading the factory sway bars, the cars cornering characteristics are dramatically improved by offering less body roll, improved grip, superior handling, and responsive steering without sacrificing comfort and day to day practicality. The Harding Performance sway bar package is 2 way adjustable to allow tuning to suit the track or driving conditions. The kit includes Polyurethane Sway bar bushes offering added durability, reliability and better performance when compared to an OEM bush.

Harding Performance have spent years prototyping & track testing their sway bar packages for various V.A.G models, especially the VW Golf R Mk7 & Audi S3 8V. The bars have been rigorously tested on the Stage 3 MK7 Golf R with exceptional results. These packages were used to win the “MOTOR HOT TUNER” challenge in 2015.

Harding Sway Bars for audi skoda & volkswagen in Adelaide


KW’s Dynamic Damping Control DDC brings a whole new meaning to Volkswagen’s adaptive chassis control (ACC) by switching the focus to a more sports-oriented driver. Before KW DDC coilovers were introduced to the market, you often had to make compromises when customising your suspension, and had to eliminate the OEM active electronic control system and comfort features that you had paid extra for. With the adaptive KW DDC coilovers there are no compromises to be made; you can combine the control of your standard damper system with seamless ride height adjustability and the performance driving dynamics tuned by KW’s experienced engineers.

At the push of a button, you can choose between Comfort, Sport, or Sport+, changing the adaptive damper settings within milliseconds. In Sport+ mode, the adaptive KW dampers give unadulterated driving performance. A setup which is ideal for demanding rides on twisty roads with lots of load changes. The Sports mode, however, is perfect for driving on the highway with long curves, while the Comfort mode is the ideal for traveling on poorly developed roads or for when you have precious passengers. In Comfort mode, the suspension adjusts automatically to the respective driving situation.

KW’s Dynamic Damping Control DDC


At German Auto Service & Repairs, we use KW coilovers because they are known as the epitome of premium suspension, offering some of the best and most sophisticated suspension components on the market. To achieve the optimum balance of performance, comfort, ride height and safety, KW delivers a wide range of different suspensions to meet your needs. Every suspension is even individually made-to-order for every customer, truly delivering on KW’s motto “For every demand, the perfect suspension”.

The KW coilover kit Variant 1 is the ideal entry-level system for customers who want the technically lowest possible suspension setting. Thanks to the high-quality “Inox-line” stainless steel coilover struts, corrosion-resistant springs, bumps stops and dampers that are optimally tuned by KW engineers the result is a balanced and sporty feel specific to each vehicle application designed for long-lasting driving pleasure.

The KW coilover kit Variant 3 features cutting-edge motorsports technology for more performance on the road. With compression and rebound stage damping, that can be set separately and independently of each other, the damper setup can be customised to your own driving preferences or vehicle changes such as weight, tire characteristics or altered vehicle rigidity. True performance optimisation is only possible with this unique, patented system. To ensure that they are delivering the best coilovers on the market, KW V3 Coilovers undergo extensive comprehensive test cycles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and on their 7-post rig at the KW driving dynamic centre.

Armin Tadj
Armin Tadj
I dealt with this company via remote control from Qld. They were honest and transparent the whole time. Always putting the customers interest first. I would highly recommend this Business to anyone that has a German Car. Much better service, prices and accountability then any German Dealership! I hope and pray that this Business grows three times its size so it can help many more customers in Adelaide. (We need people like you!!)
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Reece Harrison
Friendly staff with a broad understanding of the vehicles they service. I have used their end of CPO warranty inspection which was invaluable for sorting out issues that I would have otherwise had to pay for later when the warranty expired. Recently did my GL rear shockers and very happy
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Ajay Mariz (Ajay)
Fantastic place to take your car, very professional and to the point and honest advice.
Very comprehensive service facilities with staff who communicate very well with clients.
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David Finch
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Sean Law
A lot cheaper then mercedes for repairs
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Deepak Pragalathan
Expertise with German cars, my skoda octavia VRs is serviced here and I have no complaints. 4 stars only due to their appointment availability.