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The Mercedes Benz Service Experts In Adelaide!

These are some common faults on Mercedes & these are the most common models of Mercedes that we see 

Highly trained Mercedes technicians who care about your car

ARE YOU dissatisfied with expensive Mercedes Benz Dealer Servicing?

Looking for a high-quality, genuine dealer service centre alternative for your Mercedes?

If so, you have come to the right site.

Welcome to German Auto, Adelaide’s foremost German vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair specialists, with more than five decades of experience.

Mercedes Benz Service Adelaide

At German Auto we specialise in cost-effective servicing for your Mercedes Benz, with all work undertaken by highly trained dedicated Mercedes technicians, in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, using specialist tools and diagnostic equipment.

Along with the personal service and attention to detail that only an independent specialist can provide.

At German Auto, value for money and the long-term durability and enjoyment of your Mercedes Benz are our top priorities, with agreed-price servicing and workmanship that is fully guaranteed.

Here’s how we work.

Genuine Mercedes Benz Service advice

At German Auto, the advice we provide has your best interests at heart.

Before we begin, our qualified technicians will take the time to clearly explain the servicing requirements for your Mercedes Benz to you.

We’ll discuss the service options with you, to strike the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and Mercedes Benz genuine-grade workmanship, to ensure the long-term durability and driving enjoyment of your Mercedes

Adelaide Mercedes Benz Service

Cost-effective Mercedes Benz service solutions

When additional repair is required outside of the Mercedes Factory Service Schedule, we will consult with you and provide an estimate before undertaking any work.

We use Mercedes OEM parts, where it is beneficial to do so, with the unwavering aim of providing the best value and keeping your Mercedes Benz running smoothly for many years to come.

And in the event your well-loved Mercedes is becoming uneconomical to maintain, we will advise that it is perhaps time to move to a newer model rather than encouraging you to continue to spend money on repairs that are over-capitalising.

Mercedes Benz Service in Adelaide

A conscientious approach to Mercedes Benz Servicing in Adelaide

German Auto is the established leader in Adelaide for independent servicing of German-engineered vehicles, including Mercedes Benz Service.

A proud member of global Mercedes Benz Technical groups, German Auto is constantly evolving with the latest technology – we’ve been doing so for the last five-and-a-half decades.

German Auto is dedicated to the professional development and research required to provide Stuttgart-standard servicing for new Mercedes Benz vehicles into the 2020s and beyond.

Staying at the cutting edge of automotive technology is a daily challenge that we relish, driven by the passion of our analytical and exacting team of specialist Mercedes Service technicians.

We thrive on the challenge of problem diagnosis and fault-finding as well as the intensity of performance tuning to further enhance the driveability and enjoyment of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

And, unlike a Mercedes Benz dealer, which often provides a highly priced box-ticking service that may overlook your service request items, we’re firmly focused on maximising your Mercedes’ long-term durability at a reasonable cost to you.

The German Auto approach of providing personalised customer service, and high-quality, cost-effective servicing for German vehicles has served us from our beginnings in the 1960s.

It has served our valued customers too, who in turn have recommended us to generations of family and friends.

At German Auto, we care about your Mercedes as much as you do.

Book your next Mercedes Benz service today.

Armin Tadj
Armin Tadj
I dealt with this company via remote control from Qld. They were honest and transparent the whole time. Always putting the customers interest first. I would highly recommend this Business to anyone that has a German Car. Much better service, prices and accountability then any German Dealership! I hope and pray that this Business grows three times its size so it can help many more customers in Adelaide. (We need people like you!!)
Reece Harrison
Reece Harrison
Friendly staff with a broad understanding of the vehicles they service. I have used their end of CPO warranty inspection which was invaluable for sorting out issues that I would have otherwise had to pay for later when the warranty expired. Recently did my GL rear shockers and very happy
Ajay Mariz (Ajay)
Ajay Mariz (Ajay)
Fantastic place to take your car, very professional and to the point and honest advice.
Very comprehensive service facilities with staff who communicate very well with clients.
David Finch
David Finch
Very thorough and professional service. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and everything was explained in detail. Thanks again!
Sean Law
Sean Law
A lot cheaper then mercedes for repairs
Deepak Pragalathan
Deepak Pragalathan
Expertise with German cars, my skoda octavia VRs is serviced here and I have no complaints. 4 stars only due to their appointment availability.