Drawing on more than five decades as German vehicle specialists, our Pre Purchase Inspections Will Help You Avoid Making an Expensive Mistake

Are You Considering Buying a Used Mercedes Benz or AMG in Adelaide

Buying a used Mercedes Benz or AMG vehicle is a terrific way to get more features and performance than you would in a new car, by avoiding the hefty cost of depreciation over the initial years.

However, it can be extremely difficult to find out whether the second hand Mercedes you’re considering is fraught with hidden mechanical or electrical problems, or has a history of major accident damage.

Buying a pre-owned Mercedes can be a big financial investment, so you can’t risk buying a lemon and ending up with problems that come as a result of the previous owner’s neglect.

The best way to make an informed purchase decision while avoiding the pitfalls is with a comprehensive German Auto Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

As a Mercedes and AMG specialist, our detailed third party inspections are superior to general vehicle inspection, because we’ll pick up on problems peculiar to the Benz marque that others may miss, because they don’t have the expertise, or the latest Mercedes- and AMG-specific diagnostic equipment.

At completion of a German Auto Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection you will receive a comprehensive Pre Purchase Inspection Report, outlining the faults that have been uncovered, and the opportunity for a frank discussion with one of our highly trained dedicated Mercedes technicians.

A German Auto Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Report extends to each of the following:

  • Mechanical inspection & assessment – transmission, drivetrain, and engine, including a prolonged cooling system pressure test, to look for signs of serious engine problems.
  • Underbody inspection & assessment – All suspension and brake system components, and the extent of wear to these systems, wheels, and tyres, and exhaust system operating capacity.
  • Electrical system assessment – including a full diagnostic scan of the on-board self-diagnosis fault memory systems, to assess the status of all vehicle sensors and operating capabilities
  • Body condition inspection & assessment – whether or not the car has had poor accident repairs or rust repairs, or other structural body work
  • Interior condition inspection & assessment – including upholstery and trim, seat belts, airbags, air conditioning, multimedia system and switchgear

Finally, a road-test report will provide insights into steering, transmission, brake, and engine condition, as well as establishing the correct function of safety systems.

German Auto can carry out Mercedes Benz and AMG Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections in house, for both dealership and private purchases,

Tip: If a seller is reluctant to let you to have the vehicle independently inspected, that’s a free red flag to walk away.

As well as identifying issues with the condition of the vehicle German Auto will provide a guide to the price to rectify any mechanical problems or complete any outstanding service requirements.

If there are significant problems, such previous major accident history, structural rust or serious mechanical problems, a German Auto Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection could save you from making a costly mistake.

Alternatively, if there are less significant problems, or some maintenance items due, a Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection will arm you to negotiate a reduced purchase price.

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German Auto also offers a Pre Warranty-Expiration Inspection service

Why pay for a repair that could have been covered by your warranty?

Instead, let us inspect your vehicle to uncover any problems that would be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty.

German Auto will prepare a report of any warrantable defects for you to present to your dealer for repair.

The end of your manufacturer’s warranty also makes the ideal time to take out an extended warranty.

Mercedes-Benz Service & Repairs Adelaide

However, many third-party extended warranty companies require a vehicle inspection report before underwriting a policy.

Extended warranty companies are more comfortable underwriting a car that is still under the manufacturers’ warranty because, with pre-existing defects unlikely to be present, it poses a smaller risk to them.

Taking out an extended warranty while still covered by your manufacturer’s warranty can mean the length of the warranty and scope of coverage available to you are greater, and the premium lower, compared with purchasing a policy on a car that’s already out of warranty.