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The most important thing you can do before completing your transaction is to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified third party. German Auto offers a Pre-Purchase Inspection that will bring to light any undisclosed problems with your prospective purchase. We search for evidence of prior accident damage and repair.

We run a complete evaluation of the current mechanical condition of the vehicle and conduct a thorough road test to check general drivability and safety systems. German Auto will also prepare an estimate to rectify any mechanical or service needs the vehicle may have at the time of inspection. Whether the vehicle is offered for sale by a dealer or a private individual, we can identify problem areas or maintenance issues that the vehicle may have.

This information is critical in order for you make the correct decision about your purchase. It may mean a reduced price on the vehicle through negotiation, or a non-sale if the vehicle has major undisclosed flaws such as major structural issues from a previous accident history, or rust. Obtaining this valuable information would prevent you, the buyer, from acquiring someone else’s problem. If a seller is reluctant to allow you to have the vehicle independently inspected, walk away from the deal. Chances are it’s not the car for you. 


German Auto offers a Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspection. Let us inspect your vehicle for any items that would be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. Why pay for a repair that could have been covered by your warranty? German Auto will prepare a report of any warrantable defects for you to present to your dealer for repair. Many third-party extended warranty companies also require a vehicle inspection report before underwriting a policy, and if you are considering an extended warranty, this would be a perfect time to do so. Extended warranty companies are more comfortable underwriting a vehicle that is still under the manufacturers’ warranty. It poses a smaller risk to them (pre-existing defects are less likely to be present), so the length of the warranty and scope of coverage available to you are greater and cost less compared with purchasing a policy on a vehicle already out of warranty.

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