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The staff and engineers at German Auto have no better way of expressing their passion for German automotive engineering than teasing out the latest performance in an Audi or Volkswagen. For some, this requires incremental improvements only, while for others unleashing true capabilities through the engine management computer, brake, suspension, turbo and exhaust upgrades, is the best solution. For the discerning buyer, German Auto also offers elegantly styled aerodynamic styling kits and high-quality alloy wheels.

German Auto engineers use exclusively Europe’s & America’s most advanced purpose designed performance tuning components for Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen – APR, Oettinger, & Racingline-Performance. Our technical expertise and commitment to automotive development carries the official endorsement APR, Oettinger, & Racingline-Performance who have appointed German Auto their official representative in South Australia.

Seek more performance from your Audi or Volkswagen by speaking to German Auto today. Consult our specialist staff, discuss your options and make decisions that deliver results.


Achieving the full potential of after-market performance components, hardware and software requires installation and set-up by a trained professional. German Auto engineers are qualified to specify and provide the right mix of components followed by complete installation and tuning services.


View the full range of Engine Computer and component, brake system, suspension, turbo and exhaust system upgrade options, overviews and specs for your Audi, Skoda or Volkswagen by using the links below.

Based on 155 reviews
Armin Tadj
Armin Tadj
I dealt with this company via remote control from Qld. They were honest and transparent the whole time. Always putting the customers interest first. I would highly recommend this Business to anyone that has a German Car. Much better service, prices and accountability then any German Dealership! I hope and pray that this Business grows three times its size so it can help many more customers in Adelaide. (We need people like you!!)
Reece Harrison
Reece Harrison
Friendly staff with a broad understanding of the vehicles they service. I have used their end of CPO warranty inspection which was invaluable for sorting out issues that I would have otherwise had to pay for later when the warranty expired. Recently did my GL rear shockers and very happy
Ajay Mariz (Ajay)
Ajay Mariz (Ajay)
Fantastic place to take your car, very professional and to the point and honest advice.
Very comprehensive service facilities with staff who communicate very well with clients.
David Finch
David Finch
Very thorough and professional service. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and everything was explained in detail. Thanks again!
Sean Law
Sean Law
A lot cheaper then mercedes for repairs
Deepak Pragalathan
Deepak Pragalathan
Expertise with German cars, my skoda octavia VRs is serviced here and I have no complaints. 4 stars only due to their appointment availability.